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View of Bellagio Hotel shot from across the strip at Paris What is the best buffet in Las Vegas? This list answers that question, and provides a veritable guide to the most famous and best buffets in Las Vegas. If you ever went to Vegas for vacation, or for a business convention, or for gaming, you inevitably noticed the PR for the buffets at the biggest hotels on the Strip (Las Vegas Blvd.). Which is best of course is a matter of personal taste, but we have based this list on personal experience and commentary from others with personal experience. At a minimum this listing will give you a head start on finding the buffet of your dreams (or your stomach’s dreams) for your next trip. Here is our list of the top 10 buffets in Las Vegas, from best to least.

   Rank    Buffet Name Buffet Review
1 Bellagio We stayed at the Bellagio for five nights and of the 15 or so meals we had on the visit, the Bellagio Buffet got 4 of them – two breakfasts, one lunch and one early dinner. Why did we keep going back? It was outstanding. An unlimited quantity of near gourmet quality food, in a pleasant and relaxing environment, at least relaxing as far as buffets go. Dining tip: the entry line can get long at peak dinner hours, so try coming early or late for dinner.
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2 Mirage – Cravings It has been a long time since I tried the Cravings Buffet at the Mirage, but when I had, it was simply outstanding. With the stations arrayed all around the room, you get a selection of cuisines from all over the world as well. If they maintained this high level, the Mirage is worth a try.
3 Aria Newest major hotel on the strip, we loved this buffet. Some like it’s ice cream choices for desert. One negative – in a hard-to-find location, up the escalator to the second floor, and then down a long hallway.
4 Wynn Along with the Bellagio, the Wynn provides near gourmet dining at its buffet. It did not make the top two because of its relatively limited selection.
5 Rio The Rio Hotel is between The Strip and The Palms, and its huge complex offers two buffets. If you like fish and seafood, the Village Seafood Buffet is for you. If you want general American cuisine, try the Rio Carnival Buffet.
6 Paris All you can eat French and American cuisine. Most known for its pastries and other deserts. Once one of our top 3 picks, we knocked this one down the list because of our last experience there. Cannot lose the memory of the fruit counter attendant putting apparently unwashed strawberries into the serving bowls. To give them credit, the manager seemed concerned, and hopefully that issue has been addressed. Very popular, so try to dine at a non-peak hour to avoid the long line.
7 Planet Hollywood The PH Spice Market Buffet provides a sampling of cuisines from around the world.
8 Palms It’s fun to go over to the Palms – off the strip, a few blocks past the Rio. The buffet is mid-size, and seating relatively small. Has some interesting Lebanese dishes.
9 MGM Grand A good general buffet.
10 Mandalay Bay The Mandalay Bay Hotel is so wonderful, but their Bayside Buffet was a bit disappointing, with a relatively small selection. It still made the list because the space is large and comfortable, and we are hoping for some improvement.

How can you benefit from this list of Las Vegas buffets? It may give you an idea or two on where to go when you are very hungry. Or, it may make help you decide between which of the hotels on the Vegas strip you may want to make a room reservation at. Or it may just be fun to peruse, and leave your opinions in the comments. Or if you want to try the best, go to the top of the list. We’ll update the list based on feedback received.

Which big hotels on the Las Vegas Strip are missing from this best buffets list? Two are the Venetian and its sister hotel the Palazzo. Why? The Venetian is my favorite hotel to stay at in Vegas, but unfortunately they do not have a buffet! So, they cannot make this list. Another missing from this list was Caesar’s Cafe Lago Buffet. Even though this center strip resort has a buffet, when we ate there, it was small, cramped, and plain, making it overpriced. We’ve also never tried Harrah’s but have not heard anything good about it, so they did not make the list either.

What do you think of these buffets?

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