Our vision when founding this site was to provide meaningful and useful information, becoming an authority on the subjects covered.  That is where the Listitude Attitude comes in – being useful and meaningful while being fun and interesting for our community.  The core areas we focus on involve improving the lives of members of our community.  How do we do that?  By focusing on topics that can help us learn, or save, or earn, or be entertained.  With the roll-out of Listitude 2.0, we have taken a leap to become an authority for selected topics – at the front of the daily social media cycle for our readers – spread across major social platforms.  Although we strive for this goal, we provide no warranty of the safety or accuracy of the information provided, so you always should verify whatever you read on this site … despite that we hope to provide a fun, interesting and worthwhile informational resource.   So as you browse around, think, enjoy and give us feedback as well.