2013 Movies List

Logo for 2013 movies list articleHow did we manage to create this 2013 movies list before any movies came out for the year? Actually before 2013 even started? This list has the expected cinematic release dates for every bigger budget movie in the year 2013. That is not to say that every film on the list is a big budget blockbuster type of release. But rather that these are the movies that have had some studio commitment behind them – since those are the ones already being scheduled. We will update this list as 2013 progresses so check back for more, or if any slip into the next year. Also, check the 2014 movies list.

This is the list of 2013 movies by date of expected release:

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   2013 Release Date    Title Notes
January The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D Sequel/Prequel
January Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters  
January Scary Movie 5 Sequel/Prequel
January Broken City  
January Last Stand  
January Monsters, Inc. 3D Sequel/Prequel
January Battle of the Year: The Dream Team  
January Movie 43  
January Parker  
February Bullet to the Head  
February Warm Bodies  
February 47 Ronin  
February The Bitter Pill  
February Safe Haven  
February Beautiful Creatures  
February A Good Day to Die Hard  
February Escape from Planet Earth Animation
February I, Frankenstein  
February The Marriage Counselor  
March Elysium  
March Oz: The Great and Powerful Sequel/Prequel
March Carrie  
March Now You See Me  
March Captain Phillips  
March The Croods Animation
March Jack the Giant Killer  
March G.I. Joe: Retaliation Sequel/Prequel
March The Host  
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April 42  
April Evil Dead Sequel/Prequel
April Oblivion  
May Iron Man 3 Sequel/Prequel
May Identity Thief  
May We the Peeples  
May Pixels Animation
May Untitled Star Trek sequel Sequel/Prequel
May Epic Animation
May Fast & Furious 6 Sequel/Prequel
May The Hangover Part III Sequel/Prequel
June After Earth  
June The End of the World  
June Man of Steel  
June Monsters University Sequel / Animation
June World War Z  
June The Internship  
June R.I.P.D.  
July Despicable Me 2 Sequel / Animation
July Independence Day 3D  
July Lone Ranger  
July Grown Ups 2 Sequel/Prequel
July Pacific Rim  
July Jurassic Park 3D Sequel/Prequel
July Turbo Animation
July Dirty Dancing  
July Phineas and Ferb Live /Animation
July The Wolverine  
July The Smurfs 2 Live /Animation / Sequel
August 300 2  
August RED 2  
August RoboCop  
August Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Sequel/Prequel
August The Mortal Instruments  
August Leo The Lion Animation
September The Little Mermaid 3D Animation
September Paranoia  
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October Sin City: A Dame to Kill For  
October The Seventh Son  
October The Trick or Treaters Animation
November Ender’s Game  
November White House Down  
November Mr. Peabody & Sherman Animation
November Thor 2 Sequel
November The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Sequel
November Frozen Animation
November Santapprentice Animation
December The Hobbit: There and Back Again Sequel
December Walking with Dinosaurs 3D Animation
December The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Live-action

How can this listing help you? You can take a look and see the hits coming up, what you may be interested in, or when you may plan to go out to see a film.

We are compiling a predictions list of which ones of these will wind up being in the top ten for the year in 2013. What do you think?