2012 Convention Videos

Illustration for 2012 Political Conventions Videos Article showing Clint Eastwood at Republican ConventionOn the Listitude YouTube Channel we have two non-partisan 2012 political campaign season projects going on. One is the 2012 Political Conventions Project, which provides a list of convention videos, and the other is for political commercials, providing a list of 2012 political campaign commercials. This article lists some of the hottest of the 2012 political speeches and videos from both sides, coming out of both the Democratic National Convention from Chalotte, NC – the DNC, and the Republican National Convention from Tampa, FL – the RNC. For each of the 2012 conventions, we have added to a dedicated playlist – the 2012 Political Conventions Playlist – some of the hottest, most discussed and most controversial speeches and videos coming out of the conventions. Here are some of the highlights, but for the full listing, go to the conventions playlist on YouTube.

Paul Ryan

The Republican candidate for Vice President – selected by Mitt Romney.

Julián Castro

The Mayor of San Antonio giving keynote address of the DNC.

Mitt Romney Bio

A biopic introducing the Presidential candidate shown before prime time, and not on the national networks.

Watch The 2012 Democratic Convention

Starring President Obama and the actors who play in Harold & Kumar, including Kal Penn.

Clint Eastwood

Easily the most discussed of the convention speeches – whether you liked it or not, everyone seems to have an opinion, basically a party line vote.

Bill Clinton

The highlight of the second day of the Democratic convention, former President Bill Clinton delivered a stirring and lawyer-like defense of the Obama – Biden team.


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